Henry Angelo IV, President of Pre-Construction Services

Henry Angelo IV is the fourth generation Contractor in the Angelo family and a graduate from the University of North Florida, School of Construction. While in school, Henry worked summers at H.A. Contracting Corp. Upon graduating from UNF, he was promoted to Lead Project Manager. Henry is taking what his father has taught him, along with his new ideas and hard work which will be a valuable asset to the company.

Victor Angelo, Vice President of Finance

Victor started his career as an Assistant Finance Manager for H.A. Contracting Corp. Recently after joining H.A. Contracting Corp., Victor graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate and Accounting. He then took over the role of Vice President of Finance, assuming responsibility of all accounting, payroll, and marketing duties. He is an essential component in the budgeting and cost control within each project. He possesses all the qualities needed for successful project administration,while maintaining excellent relations with the subcontractors.

Nicholas Angelo, Vice President

Nicholas Angelo joined his brother in 1984, as Vice President of H.A. Contracting Corp. Along with his brother, Nicholas grew up in the Construction Industry. He spent his teenage summers working in the filed for his father at H. Angelo & Sons. It was in the field that Nicholas learned first hand knowledge of construction activities. With a variety of license, including Real Estate, Mortgage Broker and Certified General Contractor, Nicholas brings a diversity to H.A. Contracting Corp. 

Henry Angelo III, President

Henry Angelo III has been immersed in construction his entire life. Born to the Owner of H. Angelo & Sons, he was exposed early in his life to the rigors of construction work. Here he gained the hands on experience, traveling from state to state for his father. After graduation from the University of Florida, he then went on to start his own company. Mr. Angelo has overseen virtually every type of construction project.

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In April 1983, H.A. Contracting Corp. was founded by Henry Angelo III and is the driving force behind the success of the firm. With over 40 years of experience, he brings a wealth of experience from work with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, U.S. Air Force, Miami Dade Water and Sewer Authority, local municipalities and public school districts. It is his leadership abilities that bring our clients and employees together and become a family unit. 

H.A. Contracting Corp. is a fully licensed, insured and bonded construction management firm. We have completed over 2,000+ construction projects in South Florida without ever being assessed liquidated damages, without ever having a claim against our bond, without ever having any OSHA citations, without any litigation and without ever failing to complete a project

Our legacy as a premier firm encompasses a variety of projects for a multitude of owners, making H.A. Contracting Corp. the ideal partner for a successful project. We offer a unique set of qualifications as a Design/Build, General Contractor, and Construction Management firm. 

Along with our management capabilities, H.A. Contracting Corp. also can perform a large portion of our projects in-house. Some of the areas of work we are capable of performing are: Painting, Waterproofing, Formwork, Sitework, Cast-In-Place Concrete, Rebar Placement, Masonry, Door Installation, Window Installation, Framing, Flooring, and Utilities. 

H.A. Contracting Corp.'s leadership in encouraging development and community empowerment is an essential part of the cohesiveness and success of our overall business strategy. Our commitment is to understand and support communities, becoming involved at almost every level of community activity. 

Our business is built on honesty, dependability, performance, detail, hard work, and expertise that includes an intimate knowledge of all elements the construction industry. It is with these trait that we have and will continue to provide quality construction services to our clients.

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